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Las Vegas Drain and Sewer Cleaning

Have a clogged drain or sewer line? We can fix it quickly! Whether it’s a kitchen or bathroom sink, floor drain, tub or shower drain or in your sewer lines, we can unclog them all!

Clogged Drains

When clogged kitchen sinks, clogged bathtubs, clogged showers & clogged laundry drains happen, it’s time for a good drain cleaning. These drains typically clog due to soap, hair & lint build up in the drain lines. We use proper drain snake sizes for different size drain lines to ensure that your drain stays open and running for the maximum amount of time.

If at all possible try and stay away from those liquid drain cleaners as these usually contain acid and will do your pipes more harm than good. Most of the time the clog is deeper in the drain line and the chemical will not even reach the clog. When drains are cleaned with a cable the whole diameter of the pipe will be cleaned of any grease, hair or lint build up. Call us today to unclog your drains!

Clogged Sewers

Sewers usually clog due to tree roots growing into the sewer through the pipe connection joints and/or because of grease build up in the line. Both grease and roots will start to collect toilet paper over time and eventually become clogged. The grease usually will come from soap, laundry detergents, dish washing liquids etc. and will build up over time especially on a sewer line that has very little pitch. On all sewer cleaning jobs, we clean your sewer from the main sewer trap in to the rear riser and out to the county sewer. Call us today if you suspect their is blockage in your sewer lines.

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Water Softener

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Las Vegas has notoriously hard water – and it requires filtration to be truly safe to drink. We have you covered. We can come out, inspect your residence and help you choose the best water softener filtration system for your home.

Don’t let a leaking pipe ruin your home and possessions. We can quickly and easily isolate and fix issues in your plumbing and water pipes. You can feel comfortable leaving the hassle of finding water leaks on your property to us!

Don’t risk injury and/or damage trying to diagnose and fix a malfunctioning Garbage Disposal – we can help! We install, service, and repair Garbage Disposals of all sizes and capability, including commercial 1+HP Disposal Units.

If you’re looking for an A/C expert, you’ve found the right ones! Eternal Services now specializes in both Heating and Cooling Services for your Residential and Managed Properties such as apartments, condos, and hotels.



To provide world class service, by going above and beyond the call of duty for clients, prospects and anyone we come across to brighten someone’s day.


To work together as one single force to establish a resonating culture and unbreakable bond among our team.


To ensure the safety of our team members, their families and our clients, by always following safety procedures and not taking unnecessary risks that could potentially cause harm to anyone.


To always operate on the highest level of integrity, by acting with the best interest for the client and the company.

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We started out as a plumbing business determined to put our customers first and grew into a crew that are trained and certified for so much more. We specialize in Plumbing, Home Heating and Cooling, Drain and Sewer Cleaning, Renovations, Water Softeners, Garbage Disposals, and Water Heaters.

Eternal Services is proud to serve Las Vegas, Nevada and the surrounding area.


A lot of people have preconceived notions that plumbers are dirty. That’s simply not the case with Eternal Services. Along with thoroughly vacuuming and washing the work space, we also wear booties to protect your home from any outside dirt that could be brought in.

Don’t worry about locking your furry friends up during our visit! We also are very dog-friendly, keeping in mind that this is their home as well.


To better accommodate our incredible customers, we accept all traditional forms of payment. This includes major Credit Cards VISA®, MasterCard®, Discovery®, and American Express®. For Emergency Services and bigger jobs, we also offer payment plans.

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