The Eternal Warrior Club is a chapter of the Eternal Club dedicated to first responders. Any military, police, paramedics, and firefighters with ID can become Eternal Warrior Club members FREE OF CHARGE – as our humble thank you for the dedication, service, and valor of first responders in Las Vegas Nevada. Membership benefits include a Club card and 15% Member Rate Discount, High Performance Checkups, Money-Saving Coupons, Live Technical Assistance, and Fast, Free Financing options.

  • Free Consultation - We will gladly assess any repair needs within your plan(s) and provide options at no additional charge to you for the duration of your club membership.
  • Priority Scheduling - Whether you're calling for routine or Emergency Service, you will receive the earliest available scheduling.
  • 24/7 Great Service Discount - If you require Emergency Service, you will never pay a premium fee.
  • Loyalty Credit Dollars - Our goal is to reward your loyalty. You earn $50 in loyalty credits for each consecutive year you're a member of the Eternal Home Care Club.

Protect your investments with Home Care Checkups!


Inspect for leaks in the home that could cause hundreds of dollars by dye test through toilets

Inspection of all faucets in the home to check for calcification of aerators, proper operation of cartridge and to ensure there are no leaks

Inspection of all sinks in the home for proper drainage and check fittings for leaks and proper installation

Inspection of garbage disposal for proper operation, ensure all blades are present and that the unit is optimized for superior performance

Visual inspection of all emergency shutoff valves to ensure no leaks or corrosion are present

Inspection of all visible piping for leaks and corrosion to identify any possible leaks

Inspection of washing machine hoses


FREE camera inspection of main sewer

Clearing of clogged drains by use of camera (restrictions apply - 2 per year. Cable clear only)

Flow test on entire drainage system to ensure there are no drain issues

Exclusive Hydro-Jetting Discounts


Annual manufacturer recommended maintenance

Water heater flush twice per year

Removal of burner for internal inspection

Removal and inspection of anode rod

Inspection of thermal couple

Inspection of electrolysis of piping

Ensure water heater is up-to-code


Test water quality for TDS levels, visual TDS, Soap Test, Precipitation, pH levels, Chlorine, Nitrate, Iron, and most importantly in Las Vegas - Water Hardness. Learn more about Hard Water in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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