Hard Water 101 – What is Hard Water?

The water available in Las Vegas is hard – meaning it has a higher mineral content than is desired or expected of drinking and washing water in homes. Water becomes hard by picking up deposits of calcium and magnesium over time. When it comes to the water that you drink and wash with, the preferred water softness is a 0 or a 1. In Las Vegas, the water naturally sits around a 15. That’s 8x the preferred water hardness across the city.

Hard water can cause soap scum on your showers and tubs, sinks and faucets, as well as substantial scale buildup in your pipes that can create blockages, leaks, and water damage throughout your home. Hard water without a filtration or softener in place can and likely will have a detrimental effect on water heaters lead to undue wear and tear or frequent replacement.

Although hard water is not considered harmful to your health, this mineral rich water can dry out your hair and skin. It has been proven that drinking excessive amounts of metals such as magnesium and calcium can cause kidney stones and an increased risk of heart disease or cancer.

This is why water softeners are so important in Las Vegas – and why Eternal Services specializes in them!


The process of softening water is an ION exchange – pulling the calcium and magnesium in the water out and replacing it with a ‘softer’ metal such as sodium or potassium. This process is accomplished with a resin in the filtration system that performs the exchange. The higher quality the resin, the longer lasting and better quality filtration you will experience. Water Softeners add life to your water-using appliances and help you save money on detergents and cleaning supplies for soap scum (Vinegar works great!)

Ion Exchange (salt/potassium) Water Filtration

Ion exchange (salt/potassium) is a well-known type of water softening system that has been available for quite a long time. Ion exchange replaces the calcium and magnesium in water with salt, potassium or hydrogen. Of these three options, salt is perhaps the best-known water softening regeneration solution.

Salt-Free Water Softeners

Salt-free (descaling) softeners don’t use chemicals or remove minerals to soften water, but instead use nanotechnology or CitraCharge to change the structure of the molecules in the water from scale building to non-scale building. The water goes through a filtering media, and the molecules are restructured as they flow through the tank.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Filtration

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a specialized method of screening out water contaminants using a fabricated membrane. This process thoroughly removes chemicals, pharmaceutical residues, bacteria, algae, radioactive particles, etc., from the water. RO will screen out almost all of the toxic fluoride, radioactive fallout and drug residues that are in most city water.

Hard water may already be doing costly damage to your home. The simple fact is that if you purchase a home in Las Vegas, you will need a water softener system of some kind to combat the long term effects of hard water. Eternal Services can help you determine the best system for your home needs and your budget. Call Eternal Services at (702) 712-0838 to have the water in your home tested for hardness and presence of heavy metals today.