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Las Vegas Water Leaks and Video Leak Detection

Suspect that you may have a water leak in your home? Call to schedule with one of our certified plumbers for a free inspection and estimate.

Leak Repair and Leak Detection

Leaks in water pipes can occur many places in and around your home – leaks inside the walls, floors, crawlspaces, faucets, and under your sink can lead to mold. Leaking pipes in the lines running from your meter to your home can quickly cause flooding in your yard and expensive water bills. Slab leaks occur when a leak develops in the hot/cold plumbing under the slab of your home and can easily go unnoticed for weeks. We have Video Leak Detection equipment to quickly and efficiently find the water leak in your home without unnecessary expensive digging or demolishing.

Repipe Plumbing Services

Pipes in many Las Vegas homes are generally made from galvanized steel, Polybutylene or imported copper. These materials are reactive and will eventually start to corrode. When corrosion occurs, you will experience problems with your plumbing system like discolored water, bad-smelling water, and leaks. Corroded pipes need to be replaced before they get worse. Eternal Services can help with our fast, affordable repipe plumbing services.

Kitec Plumbing Recall

Kitec Plumbing was used in many Las Vegas homes between 1995 and it’s official recall in 2007. If you know or suspect you have Kitec Plumbing in your home, it should be inspected and repiped to prevent extensive floods and property damage. If you don’t know what’s going on with your pipes, we can send a qualified professional to give you an estimate.

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Unupor PEX Tubing Unupor (Wisbro) PEX Tubing Installation


Unupor (Wisbro) PEX Tubing

At Eternal Services we use Unupor (Wisbro) PEX tubing for our plumbing projects. PEX is made from cross-linked polyethylene. It is very strong and, most importantly, it is non-reactive. Unlike old galvanized steel and iron pipes, or even modern cooper pipes, PEX will nto rust or corrode over time.

PEX tubing is flexible and can be directly routed to where it needs to go. This reduces the need to make joints and turns, thus imporving water flow and pressure. PEX tubing is much less expensive than copper or even plastic pipes. Since it is faster to install PEX tubing than most other pipe options on the marketi, repipe services with PEX are also cheaper.

This product is backed by 25 year warranty.

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These are the most common leaks and issues that require a repipe

Galvanized Pipes


Galvanized Pipes

Galvanized pipes are steel pipes that have been dipped in a protective zinc coating to prevent corrosion and rust. Galvanized piping was commonly installed in homes built before 1960. When it was invented, galvanized pipe was an alternative to lead pipe for water supply lines. Today, however, we have learned that decades of exposure to water will cause galvanized pipes to corrode and rust on the inside.  


Pitting Corrosion


Copper Pipes and Pitting Corrosion

The most common problem that most homeowners face with copper piping is the tiny leak resulting from a localized corrosive action known as pitting corrosion. While copper pipes are relatively resistant, they are still metal and will corrode when oxidized under the right conditions.  Copper piping corrosion usually goes undetected until small leaks begin to form – resulting in mold buildup, drywall damage, and more.


Kitec Plumbing


Kitec Plumbing

Kitec Plumbing was used in 60,000+ homes built in Las Vegas between 1995-2005. In 2005, Kitec fittings became the subject of a state class action lawsuit filed against IPEX in Clark County, Nevada. The Kitec fittings were for the most part made of brass, which is mainly composed of copper and zinc. The Clark County lawsuit alleged that Kitec fittings failed because of a chemical reaction called dezincification. As alleged in teh lawsuit, when hot and/or “Aggressive”water flowed though the brass fittings, the zinc leached out fo the fittings, thereby weakening the structural integrity of the brass and ultimately, causing failure in the fittings.

Call us today for an inspection to determine if your home still has Kitec plumbing.


Ploybutylene Piping


Polybutylene Pipes

Homes built in the mid 1970’s to mid 1990’s often used polybutylene water pipes (or tubing) as a faster and cheaper plumbing alternative to copper and steel. The problem with these cheap polybutylene pipes resided in the chlorine present in Las Vegas’ water supply. The chlorine in the water actually attacks the plastic tubing of the pipes, causing the water pipes to become brittle, and eventually break or leak – possibly flooding the home. Because of this, Polybutylene pipes are no longer allowed by building codes – but if they are already in the home, there is no legal requirement to remove them.

If your home was built between 1978-1995, call us to inspect your plumbing lines.




Don’t let old or bad plumbing ruin your home, get a free inspection in Las Vegas today.

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Water Softener

Garbage Disposals

Drain and Sewer

Heating and Cooling





Las Vegas has notoriously hard water – and it requires filtration to be truly safe to drink. We have you covered. We can come out, inspect your residence and help you choose the best water softener filtration system for your home.

Don’t risk injury and/or damage trying to diagnose and fix a malfunctioning Garbage Disposal – we can help! We install, service, and repair Garbage Disposals of all sizes and capability, including commercial 1+HP Disposal Units.

Our team of professionals take pride in treating your home as if it was their own, while remaining expertly trained in Drain and Sewer Cleaning, Backflow Prevention, Sewer Line Repair and Replacement, and Water Line Repairs.

If you’re looking for an A/C expert, you’ve found the right ones! Eternal Services now specializes in both Heating and Cooling Services for your Residential and Managed Properties such as apartments, condos, and hotels.



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We started out as a plumbing business determined to put our customers first and grew into a crew that are trained and certified for so much more. We specialize in Plumbing, Home Heating and Cooling, Drain and Sewer Cleaning, Renovations, Water Softeners, Garbage Disposals, and Water Heaters.

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A lot of people have preconceived notions that plumbers are dirty. That’s simply not the case with Eternal Services. Along with thoroughly vacuuming and washing the work space, we also wear booties to protect your home from any outside dirt that could be brought in.

Don’t worry about locking your furry friends up during our visit! We also are very dog-friendly, keeping in mind that this is their home as well.


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